Friday, June 17th 2011

Review: Chill Factor, Rachel Caine.

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books
Publication Date: October 1, 2008
Received From: Bought
Pages: 414
ISBN: 9780749079246

Weather Warden extraordinaire Joanne Baldwin, who protects the human race from monster storms, was killed, reborn as a Djinn, and then restored to her original form. She’s been through a lot – and stuck her neck out many times – to save innocent lives. Now she is rolling the dice to stop an infinitely powerful, deeply disturbed kid from destroying the world…

A teenager has holed up in style at a Las Vegas hotel with the most powerful Djinn in the world, planning who knows what kind of mischief. The Wardens’ senior leadership is dead, Djinn are disappearing, and a secret society wants to help Joanne destroy the teenager, even if doing so kills her again. But everyone in Vegas has a game going, and Joanne has to learn the rules fast because the stakes have never been higher – and all hell is about to break loose…

Chill Factor is the third book of the Weather Warden series written by best-selling author Rachel Caine. As always, I recommend beginning with the first two instalments of this series before reading this one, in order to allow the plots to run coherently.

Following the events of Heat Stroke, Joanne Baldwin, a Weather Warden, is set to visit Las Vegas in an attempt to save the world once again by recapturing teenager Kevin who now holds a lot of power which he doesn’t understand how to use. To make the situation worse, he also has probably the most powerful Djinn, Jonathan, at his command.

As it has come to be expected from this series, the action begins from the first page and continues to grip the reader with it’s fast paced and exiting nature right through to the last page. The prior book left me wanting to read Chill Factor as soon as possible, although a small part of me wondered if it could continue to appeal to me as a series. I’m pleased it proved me wrong. This book held plenty of twists and turns which helped me to complete the book in just one sitting.

I was glad to learn a bit more about Joanne’s past too. I’ve always liked her as the protagonist and now I’m beginning to love her. I especially loved her witty remarks and attitude. Through her history and how she reacts to the troubles she continuously has to overcome, I felt I was able to appreciate and relate to the woman behind the hard exterior. Another character I’m starting to like a whole lot more, from when he was first introduced in Heat Stroke, is Jonathan. I can’t really give an explanation to why, but I enjoyed the dialogue between Joanne and him.

Chill Factor proved for me that the Weather Warden series is one which promises to grow stronger with each book. As well as the conclusion of events from previous instalments, potential new plot seeds were planted in this book. Put this together with the strong characters Caine has created, it’s no surprise that I can’t wait to get my hands on the fourth instalment, Windfall.

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