Tuesday, August 9th 2011

Review: Blue Moon, Laurell K. Hamilton.

Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Publication Date: February 4, 2010
Received From: Bought
Pages: 512
ISBN: 9780755355365 

Richard was an Alpha werewolf. It was his only serious flaw. We’d broken up after I’d seen him eat somebody.

You never forget your ex-fiance. And when the call came at three in the morning, I thought for a moment it was him. It wasn’t. It was his brother. And it wasn’t good news. Apparently the former love of my life had got himself thrown into jail for assaulting a women.

Since I make a living as a preternatural expert, I tend to believe almost anything’s possible. But though he may be one of the monsters, Richard would never harm a women. So it’s Anita Blake to the rescue. I’ve got just a few days to spring Richard and find out who framed him – and why. There’s a full moon coming, and if my werewolf love is still behind bars when it rises, he’ll be facing a lot worse than an assault charge. . .

Blue Moon is the eighth instalment in the popular Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton. If you’re new to this series, don’t start here! I recommend reading the series in chronological order to save from any confusion in regards to plot lines and characters.

Blue Moon sees protagonist Anita Blake cope with the responsibilities which come with being a leader among the wereleopards and the werewolves. She also has to get former fiance Richard out of jail after he is accused of raping a women. Once more, it’s down to Anita, with help from her supernatural friends, to investigate who or what is responsible for framing Richard, before worse things occur.

This book focuses more on Anita’s relationship with Richard, with vampire lover Jean-Claude taking a bit of a back seat. Therefore, those who love Richard Zeeman, will certainly love this book. It was this aspect of the novel which kept me reading. There were other characters featured who the reader will have been introduced to in previous instalments. For instance, Asher, Nathaniel, Damian and Jason. Hamilton also throws some new characters but doesn’t fail to develop the existing characters further.

There’s plenty of action within the pages of this book, however some of it is quite violence orientated. Anita learns a lot about the pack and the pard in this instalment and realises there are some things even she can’t control. This allows for the potential for the series to follow a different direction, which I believe to be a good thing.

Although I still enjoyed this book, this is the first instalment I’ve read in this series where I failed to have that “What a great read!” feeling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entertaining, humorous and great in it’s own right. I just feel that instead of making a lot of new changes, the series would benefit with more of the characters fans have grown to love up to this point. For instance, Edward and Larry Kirkland.

I’d recommend to fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and the Anita Blake series.

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