Promotional Options

Books that Spark does not aim to be all book reviews. While I feel that book reviews are important as it allows me to express in detail how I felt about a particular book therefore giving readers a greater insight, there are other features on this blog which I believe can spread the word about amazing reads.

For authors and publishers who are interested, I am happy to work with you in the following capacities:

Book Showcase:
You might not want/need a book review but perhaps you would like the opportunity to showcase your book on the blog. I love getting excited about books and book showcases are a great chance for me to share this excitement with readers. If I have read and loved your book already, I will be sure to mention that but if I haven’t, I will only showcase the books I am excited to read in the future.

Contests give Young Adult book fans a chance to win books and/or other related book items. I run these from time to time and I can host a contest for your book on the blog; a great way to grab the interest of readers and create a ‘buzz’ for any book. It doesn’t have to be a book giveaway, perhaps you have some book swag you’d like to share with readers, I can help authors/publishers reach their target audience.

Exclusive Cover Reveals
Need a place to showcase the cover of an upcoming release? Books that Spark can accommodate. Please note that I am interested in exclusive cover reveals only. I strive for content on the blog to be exciting and unique. I am afraid I am not interested in featuring cover reveals which are spread across numerous blogs.

Author Interviews
It’s always nice to learn more about the talented individuals responsible for the amazing books we read. I’d love to interview authors who are interested in letting their readers know a bit more about themselves and their books. I must stress that I must have read an authors work before interviewing them. If you are interested in a book review, then an author interview would go alongside the review well.

All promotional options detailed can be requested in conjunction with a book review or requested individually. If you have any interest in working together in any of these capacities, please head to the request a review page and read the information there. While you might not be interested in me reviewing your book, it would be useful to read as the same things apply in terms of the types of books I will accept etc.

For more information or to register your interest in a promotional feature, complete the form at the bottom of the request a review page.